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Story Time with Mark Rylance and Speech Bubbles



Speech Bubbles is a school programme created by London Bubble Theatre Company. It takes part in school's to suppport children with Speech, language and communication difficulties and in Oldham is dleivered by Oldham Theatre Workshop. This exciting programme helps children develop their speech and communication by supporting them to invent their very own magical stories!

Speech Bubbles patron is the award winning actor Mark Rylance who is the voice of Cbeebies character Bing! Especially for London Bubble he has taken two stories created by children and reads and explores them in this brilliant online video.

Click here https://www.londonbubble.org.uk/video/speech-bubbles-stories-mark-rylance/ to listen to these brilliant stories now!

Here at oldham Theatre Workshop we would love to hear your favourite bits! Or how about drawing a picture of your favourite character and showing off your creative skills! You can Tweet us or share your pictures or favourite bits via Facebook and Instagram @otwoldham. We woud love to hear form you!

What's involved?

Just click on the link above and watch this brilliant video! Tell us your favourite bits or draw a picture of your favourite character and share it @otwoldham on our social media!

Why get involved?

It's a great way for children to enjoy a coupe of magical stories created by their peers and explored by 'Bing' actor Mark Rylance. It might just spark their imagination and inspire them to write their own!

How to get involved?

Step 1: Log in to your Take Part account

Step 2: Accept the challenge so we know your are taking part

Step 3: Click on the link above to watch the video and share your favourite bits or pictures of your favourite characters on our social media @otwoldham!

Ideal Skills

  • Reading/Storytelling
  • Working with Children 0-5yrs
  • Working with Children 6 - 12yrs

Ideal Interest

  • Creative and Arts

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