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Accelerate Festival Challenge


Oldham’s festival of transport features the SpareParts Parade which is a cavalcade
of astonishing contraptions created by artists and local community groups.

Parade vehicles are created from recycled junk transformed into marvellous makes that
create a moving visual spectacle. We are giving you the chance to have your design brought to
life at the next Accelerate SpareParts Parade.


What's involved?








We challenge you to...

Design a transport and travel themed vehicle/float for the next Accelerate Festival in 2021.
It might be a mechanical creature, space car, flying fire engine... let your imagination take

To download your design sheet please click on the following link:


Need some inspiration? Check out the link below that will take you to images and footage of last year's parade, along with details about this year's festival, Accelerate Goes Digital.


The closing date for this challenge is 30th June 2020.



Why get involved?

- See your unique creation come to life as a full scale parade structure

- Practise, develop and show off your design skills

- Be part of this year's and next year's Accelerate Festival



How to get involved?

Step 1: Log in to your Take Part account

Step 2: Accept the challenge so we know you are taking part

Step 3: Download your design sheet 

Step 4: Send your design via email: admin.artsdevelopment@oldham.gov.uk or via post: Accelerate Challenge, Gallery Oldham, Greaves Street, Oldham, OL1 1AL

Ideal Skills

  • Working with Children 0-5yrs
  • Working with Children 6 - 12yrs

Ideal Interests

  • Creative and Arts
  • Design
  • Learning and Education

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