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Great Science Share - Dawn Chorus

Great Science Share – Dawn Chorus

The Great Science Share is an annual science festival across Greater Manchester. This year the festival has taken a digital turn an we are excited to release our first blog inspired by the GSS!

Each week our blog will focus on a new theme and will use our collections as inspiration. This week’s topic is on the Dawn Chorus.

Spring is a season closely associated with new growth and new beginnings. At the Spring Equinox the days once again become longer than the nights and there is a sense of light and warmth returning to the world.

Many of the traditional events of this season make use of symbolism and imagery from the natural world. For instance the eggs of Easter echo the eggs laid by birds who build their nests at this time of year. Every morning, especially in the Spring, birds welcome the new day with their song which we know as the dawn chorus.

Artists have often used Spring scenes and Spring flowers to suggest youth and promise. In a practical sense it becomes easier for artists who are inspired by landscape to paint outside at this time of year.

White Sunday is the seventh Sunday after Easter and was traditionally celebrated as the end of Spring and beginning of Summer. Whit week begins with a religious festival also known as pentecost and the white clothing worn during Whit Walks is supposed to symbolise the white of the Holy Spirit. In the 1800’s this week was often used for factory shut downs and spring cleaning of the mills. Today several local traditions of walks, holiday events and brass band performances are still going strong.

We would love to see your Spring pictures and hear all about your Whitwalk memories.

Share them with us on social media and don’t forget to visit The Great Science Share. 


What's involved?

Visit The Great Science Share.  to be inspired and share your spring pictures and tell us about your Whitwalk memories. Send them to us via our Twitter, Facebook and Instagram accounts - @galleryoldham

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It's a great way to get involved in the annual Greater Manchester's 'The Great Science Share' and be inspired by our blog posts to share your ideas, memories and creativity!

How to get involved?

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Step 3: Visit The Great Science Share.  to be inspired and send us your spring pictures and Whitwalk memories via our social media @galleryoldham

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