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Challenge 1

Follow Oldham Libraries on Facebook, instagram & Twitter!

Join in the library conversation on your social media of choice!

Challenge 2

Follow and Share Gallery Oldham on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter!

Gallery Oldham has a great social media following, but we want to make it even better! Give us a like, follow or share for this challenge.

Challenge 3

Sign up as a volunteer

Would you love to support the creative community in Oldham but not sure where to start? This is the perfect challenge for you!

Challenge 4

'The Goldfish Boy' - spread the word about OCD

As Oldham theatre Workshop present the premiere of Lisa Thompson's 'The Goldfish Boy' help us spread the word about OCD in OCD Awarenes month!

Challenge 5

Follow OTW on facebook!

Follow Oldham theatre Workshop on Facebook and share info about their upcoming projects and productions!