Hour or Two


Can you help us for an hour or two?


Challenge 1

Code Club Limehurst

Code Club volunteers CAN YOU HELP INSPIRE THE NEXT GENERATION OF CODERS? Code Club is a nationwide network of volunteers and educators running free coding clubs for young people aged 9 - 13. We’re are looking for people with coding skills who w

Challenge 2

Small Cinema Assistant - The Small Cinema Oldham

The Small Cinema shows regular movies at Gallery Oldham and community venues. As part of our family movie offer we also provide accompanying craft workshops and we are looking for an assistant to help us deliver these.

Challenge 3

Illuminate Festival

See Oldham town centre in a new light as our late-night arts festival returns for its fourth year. Explore our illuminated landscape from Gallery Oldham through to Parliament Square and on to Oldham Parish Church and play witness to mesmerising install