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Fancy Some Fish and Chips?

Did you know Oldham is famed for bringing 'fish' together with 'chips' ?

Listen to this one minute podcast 'The Chippy Tea' by Francesca Waite read by Catherine Morefield as part of the Oldham Coliseum Theatre's mini podcast series.

Take a trip down memory lane and try not to get too hungry!!



Do you have any memories or stories connected with this humble dish? We'd love to hear them! Share them with us @galleryoldham

'The Chippy Tea' is By Francesca Waite, Read by Catherine Morefield, Edited by Grant Archer, Produced by Oldham Coliseum Theatre.

Part of Oldham Coliseum Theatre’s Mini-Podcast Series. Originally written for Oldham Coliseum Theatre’s 100 Word Plays project in 2019.

Oldham Coliseum Theatre’s 100 Word Plays project is inspired by and acknowledges Royal Court, London’s 100 Word Plays which ran during the Young Writer’s Festival in 2012.


What's involved?

Simply click on the link above and be transported! Share your memories and stories with us @galleryoldham.



Why get involved?

Everyone loves a trip down memory lane! Take a moment and remember this great British dish!

Gallery Oldham will be celebrating 'The Chippy Tea' as part of the BBC's 'Get Creative At Home' campaign which champions everyday creativity. Watch out for loads of creative activities connected to this tasty British treat from Friday 15th May 2020.

Keep your eyes peeled @galleryoldham for more info!

How to get involved?

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Step 3: Click on the link above to listen to the podcast and then share your memories and stories with us @galleryoldham

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