Hour or two?

Chatter & Natter Virtual Meetups

Since COVID-19, we have adapted our services to offer online support. This includes running Virtual Chatty Café sessions on Zoom and we have people join from all over the UK. We keep the sessions to 10 people and under as then it is easier to have a more natural conversation. As the number of people joining Zoom chats continues to grow, we are keen to schedule more virtual meetups and are seeking volunteers to help facilitate and run these online sessions.


Chatter & Natter Weekly Calls 

Since COVID-19, we are offering weekly 121 telephone calls to anyone who does not have access to technology for the Zoom chats.  We arrange for the same person to call them at the same time every week and have built up a great rapport with each person. To continue offering this important service, we are seeking volunteers to help make these weekly calls.  


Chatter & Natter Table Ambassador

The Chatty Café Scheme supports venues to designate a 'Chatter & Natter' table where customers can sit if they are happy to talk to other customers. We are looking to recruit volunteers to work with the venues to help fully establish Chatter & Natter tables and be a regular/friendly face at the tables to encourage conversations. The Chatty Café Volunteer Ambassadors will help create a safe space where any members of the public can have the opportunity to sit at their local Chatter & Natter table and have a chat, because we truly believe having a chat can help brighten someone’s day. The volunteer will play a key role in connecting people in their local community and in helping talk to people who may be suffering from loneliness.


Visiting Cafes Volunteer

We are always keen to know how the venues are getting on and if the Chatter & Natter tables are working. Our visiting cafes volunteers are provided with a list of cafes in their local area which are part of the Chatty Café Scheme and go into the venues to seek feedback on how the tables are going.

We would also request a visiting cafes volunteer to help approach new venues with a sample pack to show them and ask if they would like to join the scheme.

What's involved?

Volunteers are crucial to the delivery of our services and The Chatty Cafes Scheme strives to give you a great volunteering experience! Please find below an outline of the main volunteering opportunities that we can offer, which include:

  • Chatter & Natter Virtual Meetups
  • Chatter & Natter Weekly Calls 
  • Chatter & Natter Table Ambassador
  • Visiting Cafes Volunteer

Why get involved?

A one hour conversation seems really simple, but having someone to talk to and someone to listen, could really make a difference. It could be that you’re the only person they speak to that day, or even that week. 

How to get involved?

If you’re interested in becoming a Chatty Café Volunteer Ambassador, please contact Abi Murray for an informal chat on 07484 741 934 or email abi@thechattycafescheme.co.uk

Ideal Skill

  • Communication

Ideal Interest

  • Community Work

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