Two hours or more!

Thank you for your interest in the challenge. We've already filled all our volunteer spaces for this challenge but please take a look at our other challenges.

Digital Champion - Chadderton Library

Main activities/ tasks:

*  Running LearnMyWay classes in a local library

*  Providing general IT assistance to customers

*  Supporting service users to get them started with computers, including keyboard and mouse skills, email and use of the Internet

What's involved?

You wilt need to be available for up to two hours each week to run Online Basics classes.  Preferrably you will also complete the LearnMyWay course to enable you to better support service users - this can be done whilst volunteering..

You will need to be:

*  Happy to work independently

*  Confident with computers.  (You do not need to be an expert.  The course starts with mouse basics and finishes with creation of emails.)

*  Patient, enthusiastic and good at communicating with service users


Why get involved?

*  Develop your interpersonal skills

*  Work experience

* Support members of your community

How to get involved?

Accept the challenge so we know you're interested in taking part. Wait for an email from our Volunteer Coordinator with more details. 

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